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Walking Scorers

As the volunteers on the front-line, the walking scorer is a vital component of the scoring process of a golf tournament.  Not only are you responsible for entering the scores for the professional golfers, but you are solely responsible for entering accurate information regarding each shot the golfer makes.  Scores and statistics are generated from the shot information, which get fed to the world for consumption.

It is important that you have the tools needed to properly and accurately enter scoring information.  We have found that the two most important tools needed are the handheld device and the knowledge to use it.

R2 will give you the handheld device, but it will be up to you to be knowledgeable.  By providing on-site training during advance week of the tournament, R2 will assist you in becoming a scoring expert.  You will need to invest time in your training, which will allow you to make your scoring experience both an enjoyable and worthwhile effort.  If you don’t have the necessary training, you may find yourself overwhelmed.

The first step in the process is to become familiar with the scoring system.  Download this guide to start you on your way to an awesome time on the golf course.

Walking Scorer Training Guide


You may also be interested in previewing the stat sheet that will be given to you at the start of your scoring round.  The stat sheet MUST be used if you are unable to enter the stats into your handheld device. This will allow us to keep a paper trail of all stats.  The stat sheet also has contact information in case you have radio issues.

Walking Scorer Stat Sheet

Scoring Control

As a volunteer assigned to scoring control, you have the responsibility to monitor the entire scoring process.  You will maintain constant communication with volunteers and LPGA Rules officials to deliver an accurate scoring experience for the tournament.  Although you will setup shop within the physical confines of the scoring control office, you will track each score for each hole of every LPGA professional.  You will ensure that scores are entered timely and accurately.  Beyond scoring, you will also relay information to/from walking scorers that pertain to all other aspects of the golf tournament.  From notifying rules officials of necessary rulings on course, to directing medial staff to any on-course emergencies.

Within scoring control, basic computer skills will be needed to monitor and modify scoring information.

We encourage you to review and become familiar with the following training guide to become familiar with the role of scoring control.  Welcome aboard!

Scoring Control Training Guide

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