Pro-Am Draw Parties

Our Computerized Pro-Am Pairings software has been a solid performer for over 20 years, and it has evolved in many ways. Each event has different needs and we strive to satisfy each request. Looking for new and innovative ways to keep your draw parties fresh, R2 has introduced many variations to the process, many of them based on your feedback.

Single screen or multiple screen configurations

Room sizes and budgets sometimes dictate the amount of room you have to provide interactive entertainment. Our modular approach allows for a variety of configurations, ranging from small bars with a few TV’s, to large hotel ballrooms.

Quick display or longer interactive formats

Timing is very important, depending on your focus for the evening. Our draw process can accommodate your time constraints.

Traditional pairing formats

  • Random Draw: Allowing the system to randomly generate your pairings
  • Random Draft: Allowing random teams to pick their pro from the available pool of professionals
  • Wildcard Picking: Hide certain pros to add excitement to the picking process
  • Tee Time — Blind: Force your amateurs to select a time rather than a pro

‘‘Hollywood’’ Draw format

A popular visual game format in which teams compete in a simple picking process. Extremely popular, allowing the entire audience to enjoy playing along from the sidelines.

PowerPlay using Remote Keypads

Put keypads in each team’s hands for the ultimate in team competition. Answering questions correctly and quickly rewards teams with higher draft order.

Customized Solutions

We rarely back away from a challenge. If you have an idea for a pairings format, give us a chance to put your ideas into action. We welcome the opportunity to make your pairings party a unique and rewarding experience.