With the success of our core applications, customers have inquired about charity donation programs.  As a result of these inquiries, we would like to introduce TrueHeart, our complete on-line donation and pledge application.

Building on our belief that simple is important in any program, we felt the best and most efficient way to generate revenue for your charities is to create an easy way for people to donate.  Although intuitive, we have built TrueHeart with an underlying complexity to help allow our customers to customize the application to their needs.

Difference Makers:

  • Very simple donation process, allowing donors to donate to a particular charity, or pledge a certain amount of money per birdie.
  • Require minimum donations or pledge amounts.
  • Charity Link allows donors the chance to view the information of prospective charity web-sites.
  • Allow donors to guess for a particular outcome, and award prizes.  This will help encourage donations to your charities.
  • Configure different forms of payments. Allowing your donors to pay with a credit card, or allow them to pay by check, or invoice later.   And once again, your payment gateway and merchant account are used to accept payment.
  • Allow your donors to enter ‘Referred By’ information.
  • Generate your own pledge and payment instructions via the administrator interface.
  • Charities will be able to log in and view their current totals.  They can pass out links to force donors to select their particular charity.
  • A variety of reports are generated for you.  Summary reports help you keep track of overall and individual charity progress.
  • R2 is with you every step of the way to help you generate much needed charity dollars through TrueHeart.