In the late 1980’s, mentioning golf and computers in the same sentence would have been a foreign idea.  Not for Bob Rodgers, then with Executive Sports. 

Bob was a computer visionary who introduced television to computer scoring interfacing, and changed the way television showcased golf on television.  With his computer skills, combined with his increasing knowledge within the golfing community at Executive Sports, Bob noticed several areas in which computers could help.  Soon, tournament management software and computer draw services were born, as well as a complete golf scoring solution. 

In 1999, Bob, along with Rich Schoenfeld, formed R2 Innovative Technologies.  Maintaining their relationships with Executive Sports and Golden Bear, R2 expanded their reach within the golf industry with innovative products and outstanding customer service.

Today, the R2 brand is recognized and respected throughout the golf industry.

No one understands more than R2 that business is built on relationships. That is why the power of R2 goes well beyond the products and services that we provide. Our customers appreciate that we are a team, with a common goal: success!

Our products are designed with the interests of our customers in mind.

They are simple for the technically challenged, yet flexible enough to allow experienced users to expand and complement functionality.

In addition, our commitment to customer service is unmatched in the industry.

We back up this claim with our toll-free customer support, and our easy to use “Remote Control” system. We know that computers can be temperamental creatures, and if our customers have questions or issues with our applications, we are available to offer assistance and guidance to the solution.

Finally, we want to remind you that we are not finished unless you are satisfied.

We guarantee your satisfaction and keep in mind that a guarantee is only as good as the people behind it. You can always count on R2.