Ease of use is the fundamental mission for this tried and true volunteer database product.  Managing volunteers should not be difficult.  We make it simple with an intuitive interface, but back it up with powerful functionality.  Combined with its complementary on-line components (see reverse) and superior customer service, R2 continues to deliver.

Difference Makers:

  • Simple data entry for novices and experts alike.
  • Track of all your necessary contact information, and even the unnecessary information.
  • Easily create and manage uniform items and packages.
  • Assign volunteers to an unlimited number of committees and shifts.
  • View past history, and easily report on years of service.
  • Filter and search through volunteer information using a variety of different filters to get to the information you need.
  • Track golf and food voucher distribution and redemption.  
  • Choose from a large selection of reports, built with the input of tournament organizers around the country.
  • Email reports and attachments to the people that need them the most.
  • Provide your committee chairpersons the information they need to properly schedule their volunteers.  Easily export volunteer information to Excel.
  • Easily monitor the volunteer needs of committees.  Keep track of uniform quantities, including sizes.  Generate reports for all your uniform needs.
  • Online Backup of All Data



In today’s environment, we recognize the need to take advantage of your on-line presence in regards to recruiting volunteers.   Our on-line component modules allow you to utilize the web, yet still maintain your data independence and superior reporting capabilities.

Volunteer On-line Registration

We create a customized registration form, built specifically from your requirements.  The registration process ties in directly to your local volunteer application.  With the help of a simple “Wizard”, you quickly accept volunteers into your event, assigning them to your most pressing committees, while still allowing you the flexibility to modify and alter registration information.  This keeps all your information in one place, under your control on your local machines.  Volunteers can purchase their uniforms during the registration process, and pay with their credit-cards.


Committee chairpersons will have the ability to view their volunteers on-line, and output committee lists, and time preferences in PDF and excel formats.


In addition to the features of TeamWorksView, Committee Chairpersons will have the ability to schedule their volunteers using intuitive scheduling tools.

Volunteer DB Installation